16 July 2006

Site News 2006-07-16

It's been a full week since the end of the Fußball-WM, so I've purged all of the frivilous sporting content from the right-hand sidebar. In its place, I've added a new feature that I'm calling The Literary Supplement. It will always have links to the ten most recent (the rest can be found here) literature-related bits of content published by the sources I most regularly consult. This is also available as an Atom feed. While we're on the topic, I'll do a quick run-down of what else is currently populating the sidebar on the right-hand side of the main page.

Unfortunately Podnova is currently down, but when it goes back online I'll put back the integrated flash-based rss mp3 player that allows anyone to listen to my podcast queue right from the sidebar. The whole affair, including the corresponding RSS feed, is powered by Podnova and consequently doesn't work right now.

Another feature in the right-hand sidebar is the long-running Read What I'm Reading module. It always has links to the ten most recent (the rest can be found here) bits of syndicated web content that I've read and found interesting. This is also available as an Atom feed.

The busiest bit of sidebar action is the permanently-shuffling rectangle featuring my meagre (but growing) oeuvre of amateur photography. This too is available as an RSS feed.

The rest of the sidebar content is self-explanatory. You've got the standard links, previous posts and archives sections, as well as my e-mail address and RSS & Atom syndication options for the blog.