09 July 2006

Oh là là là là !

Amy Lawrence had it spot on exactly one week ago today: Genius always comes with a dark side. Neverterless, Zidane remains the greatest footballer that I will have seen in my lifetime. Merci Zizou!

In the end, it came down to a single, narrowly missed penalty by Trezeguet. He'd hardly been given a kick at the ball the whole tournament, and to go from virtual inactivity to then be thown into perhaps the most stressful situation of his entire career could not have been easy. I don't blame him at all.

I'd kept quiet once we started to win, but I d
on't know how Domenech was not able to find a way to play Henry and Trezeguet together. As two of the highest scoring players this season in England and Italy respectively, they surely would have formed a formidable attacking partnership. Bit of a waste that. In any case, we dominated from half-time onwards, but simply could not find a winning goal.

Féliciations à l'Italie, et merci à l'Équipe de France pour nous avoir fait vivre cette belle aventure.