08 June 2008

Following Euro 2008 from Canada

Well, Euro 2008 is in full swing now and, as ever, it's not that easy to keep on top of everything when you're stuck in the backwater footballistique that is Canada. Obviously, things get easier with every major tournament as the amount of coverage available on the Internet increases, but none of the British Home Nations have qualified this time round, and the amount of English-language coverage of Euro 2008 has suffered as a consequence. Fortunately for the Canadian who has taken one of his country's fundamental principles to heart, there's still plenty of French-language coverage available to go along with what remains of the British coverage. After all, France are qualified for the tournament, and Switzerland, one of the host countries, is partially French-speaking.

Here then, without further ado, is The Canadian's Guide to Following Euro 2008 From afar.

The Basics:
Television Schedule [English]
Television Schedule [French]

Feed your feed reader:
If you do the whole RSS thing, I've put together a feed that you can subscribe to. It features a good mix of Euro 2008 news and views, in both English and French. You can also view the items as a web page. The most recent items from this feed will also appear in the right-hand sidebar of this blog for the duration of the competition.

Listen on the go:
There are also plenty of Euro 2008 podcasts out there to listen to. I'm currently subscribed to the following:

RTL has plenty of audio on its website, but the podcast feeds (if they even exist), en bonne tradition française, are very well hidden indeed.

This post will be updated as new information becomes available. The custom Euro 2008 feed that I've put together is being fine-tuned on an ongoing basis.