20 May 2007

Old People and Old Dutch

Winnipeg mayor launches seniors council: "Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz announced plans Friday to appoint seniors to an advisory council to offer recommendations about how the city can better serve its aging population."

*yawn* How about a plan to keep educated young people (who continue to flee in record numbers) in Winnipeg? Just a thought... While the NDP builds Waverly West, the mayor cancels funding for rapid transit and the police brutally represses pro-cyclist events like Critical Mass, I'll continue to enjoy the metro system, countless bike lanes and all-round vibrant urban living here in Montreal.

Winnipeg's one big advantage over Montreal, namely the availability of Old Dutch potato chips (which was not even an advantage over Calgary, where most young people seem to move), is no longer. Commericals on local Montreal television this spring tipped me off, and I can now happily confirm that Dutch Crunch kettle chips are now being sold at Métro supermarkets and Jean Coutu pharmacies. They're being marketed out here (and perhaps elsewhere in Eastern Canada?) as a premium snack food.

Meanwhile, an ageing Winnipeg becomes one big seniors' council.