27 May 2006


Do you see what happens when you try to ride your bicycle in this city? What a disgrace. I ride and walk everywhere in this city and have also been harassed by cops and nearly killed by motorists on a regular basis. Have you noticed how this doesn't happen in real cities like Montreal, or even in cities that have essentially the same population as Winnipeg like Quebec City (check out their amazing network of cycling paths and cycling lanes). Not to mention the cyclist's paradise that is the European city.

Further rides are planned for June 30, July 28, August 25, Sept 29 and October 27.

Cyclistes du monde, unissez-vous...

Update: Here are some additional photos from yesterday.

Update n°2: More photos, and also video. Plus a most instructive first-hand account and discussion on Tear It Down. Also, you can read what this poor fellow has to say over here.


Robert said...

I won't pretend to know what went on, but I would venture to guess that this was more about some people's antaganistic interraction with the police, and less about bike riding. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

They should off locked up the punks for a few weeks instead for being stupid.

Thos said...

Yes, they sure should off. A lot of people should off done a lot of things. Indeed, here are some tips about using modal verbs in the past tense that you should off learned a long time ago.