17 June 2006

Ghana Is The Name We Wish To Proclaim

Ghana is the name
We wish to proclaim
We will be jolly, merry and gay
The sixth of March Independence Day

Being the essentially ignorant occidental person that I am, I don't really know too much about Ghana. Aside from having had my coiffure handled by a Ghanaian chap back when I used to have hair, the only thing evoked by the former Gold Coast was Lord Kitchener's seminal 1956 Calypso Birth of Ghana (written and recorded during his time in London):

Great song, don't you think? It's available on an amazing compilation record entitled London Is The Place For Me.

And now they've gone and done this. They've convincingly beaten the Czech Republic team that dismantled the American selection just a few days ago. Amazing! I was just listening to a Belgian podcast that was lamenting the lack of an African surprise so far in this Weltmeisterschaft, and as if on cue Ghana produced just that. Good on them. Now I have three things to think of when I think of Ghana.

Back at the Ghanaian barbershop, they were pretty satisfied with their performance in their opening match against Italy. I can only imagine the mayhem that went down there today...