11 June 2006

Divided in Dortmund

So I'm watching the footie live from Dortmund today: Trinidad & Tobago vs. Sweden. But who to support? My father is from Trinidad & Tobago, but my maternal grandfather's family come from Sweden. Result: one confused Canadian. My well-known europhilia ended up giving way to my natural propensity to root for the underdog, however in the end it didn't matter, so the equilibrium of my competing origins remains intact. Whew!

As an aside, isn't it amazing that in such an americanised country like ours it is possible to see all 64 world cup games live on basic cable, with repeats throughout the day? And those with digital television can see them all in high-definition. There are even Canadian channels offering the matches in French, Italian, Spanish Portuguese and Chinese. It reminds me of 12 years ago when I was watching the World Cup from Austria on Eurosport and I could just press a button on the remote control to cycle through commentary in all of the major European languages. Of course here it's spread out over several channels and not all languages are available for all matches, but still, it's comforting to know that our technology is almost as good as 12 year old European technology.


weetabix said...

J'ai un truc à te demander thos mais je trouve pas ton adresse mel..alors si tu pouvais me contacter sur contact[at]i-actu.com, çà serait cool !

bon blog doutre atlantique !

Thos said...

Mon adresse courriel, ou mél comme vous dites en France :-), se trouve en bas de la sidebar droite de toutes les pages de mon blog, sous la rubrique e-mail & syndication.