31 July 2008

Tout cela pour en arriver là

After reading this last week I got all excited because I thought something good was finally going to happen in Winnipeg, but in the end it seems that rapid transit for Winnipeg is going to come in the form of a busway. *yawn* By the way, isn't this the same plan that Glen Murray came up with several years ago (except that it was cheaper back then) and that Sam Katz cancelled because he wanted to spend the money on Community Centres for Families™ (even though he ended up closing community centres anyway?). Yeah, I thought so...

Fake rapid transit is not what going to have me running back to live in Winnipeg. Once you've had rail, you'll never go back to bus. Sadly, the people of Winnipeg are not likely to get a taste of rail any time soon. After all, it's not like Winnipeg has rail lines running through the whole city already and it's not like Winnipeg is the capital of a province that's a net exporter of hydroelectricity, so it makes sense to use diesel buses instead of electric trains. Oh wait, Winnipeg is all of those things, so no it doesn't.

Anyway, while we wait for this to come into being I'll go on enjoying this

Plan du métro